Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley

Humour makes us relatable – and sometimes even helps to uncover our strengths. See how it went for the Weasley twins.

Published Jun 23, 2023
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And the story goes:

Hogwarts, a place of learning and magic, sees itself under the tyrannical rule of Dolores Umbridge. Amidst the suffocating pressure, Fred and George Weasley – two infamous pranksters, seize an opportunity.

A spark in the air, a crackle of mischief, and a sky lit by enchanted fireworks.

“Give her hell from us, Peeves.”

The deafening silence of school exams existed no more: It was full-on chaos and laughter, courtesy of the Weasley twins, and now aided by Peeves the Poltergeist, too.

Whoosh! And they were gone, flying away with a grin on their faces, a fire in their hearts, and their eyes set on the future – their entrepreneurial venture, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

That’s the exit one cannot forget! And that’s the Weasley twins for you – using their wits and humour to defy authority and bring a little more joy into the world.

If you want to attract people who are here for your take on things, your sense of humour can help you greatly – let me show you how.

Behind The Character

Not your typical heroes, not your usual entrepreneurs. Clowns, perhaps? At first glance, it seems so – but Fred and George are so much more than “comic relief” characters amidst the dark storytelling of the Harry Potter universe.

The author didn’t have any specific intention for them, except for being a part of Harry Potter’s second family. Yet, their character journey of the pranksters-turned-entrepreneurs shows how their strength – a sense of humour – is another form of bravery, of challenging the status quo. Who else would open a joke shop, so bright and abundant, in the times of oppression and war?

It’s their resourcefulness, loyalty, camaraderie, and resilience against the odds that the audience fell in love with. The Weasley twins showcased an alternative path to success – one rooted in humour, individuality, and defying norms.

Fred & George Weasley, or “Mischief managed!”
Peak at this moodboard I've collected that goes deeper into their journey.

Mapping Out The Narrative

It’s not the humour alone that made Fred and George memorable. It was their ability to utilise humour as a tool of resilience and unity that made them unforgettable.

There’s a purpose in laughter and mockery – like hosting a partisan radio show that sounded so absurd but contained vital information for the resistance. What can be more courageous than laughing, in spite of the darkest days?

The twins’ knack for comedy and consistent exploration of that skill (I know, that’s a fancy way of saying they found themselves through pranking others) revealed their strengths, such as creativity and resourcefulness. They channelled it into entrepreneurship and built a business around the very trait that defined them – humour! The goal is not to be someone else but find what works for you.

And the result? The enterprise that was a testament to Fred and George’s core idea: Provide joy and hope, in the direst of times.

Take a page from the Weasley twins’ playbook:

Step 1: Your sense of humour is your way of finding the right people. It’s your special lens to relate to people. So, take it – that’s my (and Fred and George’s) permission for you to slip a joke in your replies and have a laugh!

Step 2: Put your people at ease in your surroundings. Camaraderie and inside jokes go a long way in creating a sense of belonging. Where can you infuse a little (niche-contextual) humour in your touchpoints with the audience? Think content, communications, or even design and functionality of your services.

Step 3: Be brave in your approach. Humour led the twins to their ways of defiance and innovation. How can you challenge the status quo in your field, disrupt norms, and deliver value in a way that only you can?

Just as Fred and George Weasley used their sense of humour to spread joy and deliver their key message, you can do the same – and attract people who relate to you and see how you can help them.

Sometimes, a good laugh is all we need.

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